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Neon Green Trainers

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Neon is totally in right now, therefore a pair of neon green trainers is indispensable in your shoe collection. Several influencers have been spotted with the neon trend and we absolutely love it. Steve Madden always follows the latest trends and makes sure our collections evolve around them. Therefore, the most gorgeous neon colours have been added to our extensive collection. Here, you’ll definitely find a shoe that is as vibrant as you are!

Fashion and function collide in our neon green trainers

Of all of the trainers, the neon green Cliff is probably our favourite. This gorgeous, yet sporty shoe just has everything. Incorporating mixed prints and creative colour blocking ensures this shoe really stands out from the rest. And besides, the chunky sole is so comfortable that you might not even want to take them off. These neon green trainers will definitely turn heads when you walk past!

Did we find your match?

You can’t go around them: the dad trainers. Several influencers have been spotted with these chunky trainers, completely rocking the streets with them. But what if you combine a dad trainer with the neon colour trend? The Match trainer has been born! This trainer is even more trendy in the neon green option. This easy slip on sneaker gives every outfit a sporty look. What more could you ask for? Get inspired in our Instashop and buy your shoe crush!



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